Business group that invests mainly in companies in the field of communication, technology, sports and energy. It is characterized by having a medium / long-term vision that fully fits with the growth projects of the companies and the needs of its partners.

The wide trajectory of its founding partner, together with its deep knowledge of a large part of the sectors and their trends, allows them to identify, execute and manage their investments, maximizing the creation of value. With a great vision of medium / long term that allows adapting to the different needs of each project and a team with extensive experience that allows to contribute knowledge in multiple sectors and situations, adjusting to the specific needs of each company.

It offers strategic support, continuous dedication and active participation through significant representation in the Board and Executive Commissions, without interfering in the daily management of the companies. The quality, viability and profitability of the business project are established as basic investment criteria, among others.

We are actively engaged in the management of our investee companies, orienting ourselves to investment in those projects in which we can add or create value through participation in the management bodies of companies, as well as through the support and contribution of our experience in various areas of the companies. For us, the development of a close relationship with the businessmen and executives of the companies in which we participate is fundamental, identifying precisely the objectives that are coincident and synergistic between both parties. We add value to the investee companies, promoting operational excellence, exploiting our extensive international network of contacts, as well as using our in-depth sectorial knowledge and financial experience.

We think in the long term and we take business seriously and responsibly. For this, we put all our effort, talent and money in supporting companies. We focus our attention mainly on those sectors that we know well although we do not invest in sectors, we invest in attractive projects led by the best management teams.